Giving Back
One of the benefits of mindfulness & yoga practice (beyond boosting ease, vitality & resilience) is a deepening sense of connection & awareness.

As our self awareness deepens, so does our sense of connection with others, the rest of nature & our planet. We're living in uncertain times with the pandemic as well as the climate crisis & increasing global instability.  Anxiety, grief & a whole range of emotions are increasingly common as we face up to a potentially uncertain future.  My own experience has led me to have a special interest in this area & undertake further training to support others.


Local community is key to health & resilience.  With that in mind, I've set up a network of climate aware wellbeing practitioners at Zero Carbon Guildford, our local Climate Emergency Centre.

We're a friendly bunch of expert practitioners offering a wide range of effective, evidence-based workshops.  Sessions are designed to be inclusive, engaging & enjoyable, with practical tips for resilience in these uncertain times. Everyone is welcome - whether you are just exploring what the climate crisis means for our future or are actively contributing to positive change.

Please visit Zero Carbon Guildford for details of the timetable.

I also run a Mindfulness Meditation Group on Sunday evenings (every two weeks) which is a supportive space to build mindful resilience skills.  I offer reductions for those working actively for justice, equality & healing our planet - please get in touch. 

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I donate 5% of earnings from my yoga classes to Tree Sisters; a wonderful organisation who are committed to reforesting the Tropics as empowering women & local communities where their projects take place.  Breathe Calm Yoga students have already funded the planting of over 1200 trees! For more info, please visit https://treesisters.org/

20% of the proceeds from my donation based mindfulness meditation group go to the charity Choose Love, who support refugees & put love into action around the world.  For more info, visit https://choose.love/

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