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Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Welcome to the Breathe Calm blog,  I'm Amy and I'm on a lifelong path of self-discovery.  I'm a yoga and mindfulness teacher with first-hand experience of the power of mindfulness & yoga to calm anxiety & enhance wellbeing. I'm mum to two young children (and I was a primary teacher in my former life) so I understand the struggle to find life-balance!  I have a well established daily mindfulness practice and I am dedicated to helping others find balance in their lives.

Yoga and mindfulness compliment each other beautifully; they teach us how to calm and open mind, body and heart.  Both take us on a path of self-discovery and enable us to make choices that serve us better. They lead us home to ourselves.  

I hope to update the blog regularly, and please browse the website for my offerings in Guildford, UK and on Skype.

If you'd like to explore guided meditations, I have published some on the free Insight Timer app.

Please sign up for the newsletter to receive updates (link in footer) & feel free to follow BreatheCalmUK social media.

Amy x

Amy McMillan - Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher

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