Giving Back


One of the benefits of mindfulness & yoga practice (beyond developing resilience & boosting vitality) is a deepening sense of connection & awareness.

As our self awareness deepens, so does our sense of connection with others, nature & the world. We're living in challenging times with the Pandemic, the worsening Climate Crisis, & the inextricable links with social & racial injustice.  Anxiety, grief & a whole range of emotions are increasingly common as we come to terms with our uncertain future.  My own experience has led me to have a special interest in this area.

I'm actively working towards climate, social & racial justice in many ways, including offering mindfulness courses designed specifically for resilience. I offer reductions for those working actively for justice, equality & healing our planet - please get in touch. 

I also run a Mindfulness Meditation Group on Sunday evenings (every two weeks) which is a supportive space to build mindful resilience skills.

I donate 5% of earnings from my yoga classes to Tree Sisters; a wonderful organisation who are committed to reforesting the Tropics.  Reforestation, especially in tropical regions, is a highly effective way rebalancing carbon levels in the atmosphere & decreasing the rate of climate change.  The organisation also supports the local communities where their projects take place, among many other useful projects.  Breathe Calm Yoga students have already funded the planting of over 1000 trees! For more info, please visit https://treesisters.org/

A proportion of the proceeds from my donation based mindfulness meditation group go to the charity Choose Love, who support refugees & put love into action around the world.  For more info, visit https://choose.love/

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