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"I can't express how much Amy's expert tuition in both yoga & mindfulness has helped me over some years now.  With skillful guidance her sessions allow you to reconnect and just be."

Noreen, Guildford

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6 Week Course: Thrive in Uncertain Times

Vitality & Resilience through Mindfulness, Compassion & Embodiment

During this highly practical course, you will learn to manage stress, boost resilience & enhance vitality, even in these uncertain times.  We cultivate compassionate, mindful awareness with a particular focus on our present moment experience in the body.  We also explore the nervous system and its key role in our mental, physical & emotional health.  You will learn simple, evidence-based practices that help you to reconnect, rebalance & respond skillfully to life's challenges.

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I offer this course to individuals & small groups, locally & over Zoom. Please contact me if you're interested & I'll be in touch.

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4 Week Compassionate Mindful Resilience Course

How can we care without burning out?


The 4 week Compassionate Mindful Resilience course teaches simple, effective, evidence-based practices, skills & techniques to help you to manage stress, develop resilience & enhance wellbeing using Mindfulness & Compassion. It is ideal for those in the caring professions (medicine, teaching, social work, etc.) as well as parents, carers & those actively working towards social, racial & climate justice.

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I offer this course to individuals or small groups, locally or over Skype.​​ Please contact me if you're interested & I'll be in touch.

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Suitability for Courses


These courses are designed to be helpful for everyday stress & anxiety but if you have been diagnosed with (or suspect you have) clinical depression, an anxiety disorder, severe emotional distress or other mental health condition, you should contact your GP to discuss your suitability for the course.  You may be able to get a referral for specialist support more suitable for you.  If you’re unsure if my classes or workshops are right for you, please get in touch (any information given will be kept confidential).

"Amy has an open nature, accepting responses, an infectious enthusiasm & a genuine energy."

J.J, Guildford

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