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Frequently Asked Yoga Questions

What are the potential benefits of Yoga?


Yoga is an ancient practice that enhances physical, mental & spiritual well-being. Through connecting with body & breath, we can find greater calm & mental clarity. Yoga is an antidote to the stress & anxiety of the modern world. Much more than just physical exercise, Yoga is a practical approach to self-awareness & an enduring state of happiness. Yoga postures, breathing exercises & meditation techniques connect body & mind, enabling us to remain alert while accessing a deep sense of peace. We are able to enjoy the present moment more fully, without preoccupation with future worries or past regrets. A dedicated Yoga practice can help us to enjoy better health & enhanced quality of life. 


The physical benefits of Yoga include increased strength & flexibility, improved energy levels, better posture & improved circulation. Every posture, directly or indirectly, helps to quieten the mind & bring you to the present moment. The benefits of regular practice are diverse & include reduced stress, a more positive outlook, better digestion, increased self-awareness & improved clarity. Decreased tension can result in better sleep patterns & overall improved wellbeing.


What style of yoga do you teach?


I teach mindful yoga with an emphasis on cultivating present moment awareness of body & breath. Classes flow gently & are ideal for stress-relief & building resilience. We connect with the breath to release tension in mind & body so we can reconnect with our natural sense of ease. Although I originally trained in classical hatha yoga, my teaching style now also includes elements from other somatic (body-based) approaches. with a particular emphasis on supporting the nervous system. As a qualified mindfulness teacher, cultivating compassionate mindful awareness is central to my approach & I focus particularly on guiding you to develop a mindful attitude that will benefit your practice and will also enrich your life outside class!  

Are your classes suitable for everyone?


My classes are friendly & inclusive. All body types, races, genders & religions are welcome. We work gently & you will be given modifications to suit your body. Classes are suitable for beginners although you will need to check with your doctor if you have any injuries or medical issues. If you want a strong physical work-out, you may find that you prefer stronger yoga styles, but if your priority is to release tension & restore ease of movement while cultivating compassionate mindful awareness, then these classes should be suitable for you. Please contact me prior to attending if you have any health concerns. People with serious medical conditions can benefit greatly from Yoga, but this would initially need to be on an individual basis with a qualified yoga therapist.

Will I feel the benefits immediately?

As we begin to improve awareness of body & mind, we gradually start to see improvements in our daily life. Some may feel the benefits more quickly than others but it should be emphasised that Yoga is not a quick fix. Most people who come to class will notice physical, mental & emotional improvements. For those who are open to exploring it fully, Yoga is a lifelong journey of reflection & awareness. Through dedicated Yoga practice, we create space for greater self-awareness, purpose, connection & joy.

What happens in a class?

Classes gently enhance strength & flexibility and are ideal for stress-relief.  You can expect to combine fairly gentle flowing sequences & static postures, with an emphasis on cultivating mindful awareness of breath & body. Classes are practised at a moderate pace & we finish with a calming guided relaxation.

What should I wear and bring with me?


Please bring a mat (or let me know if you need to borrow one). It is best to wear loose, comfortable clothing (sports gear not necessary) & we practise in bare feet. Please bring socks and a blanket to keep you warm during relaxation.

What about pregnant and post-natal women?


If you are pregnant, please contact me to discuss whether these classes are suitable for you. This will depend on your Yoga experience & where you are in your pregnancy. The Wednesday morning class is the most gentle so may be a good place to start.  Classes are small enough for individual attention to be given.


Is Yoga religious?

No, Yoga is a practice of self-discovery.  People of any religion & none can benefit from Yoga.  You can choose to practice Yoga simply for physical fitness & relaxation.  However you may find your spiritual awareness & sense of connection grows as your practice deepens.  As Yoga has ancient Indian roots, you may sometimes find some Sanskrit terms being used but I will explain these. 

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