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Ready to cultivate a deeper, kinder connection with yourself & beyond? 


I offer individual guidance with a compassionate approach to empower you to move from surviving to thriving & contribute to collective change in these challenging times.

My mindfulness-based coaching sessions are designed to guide you on a journey towards deeper self-connection, authenticity and joy.  


I specialise in cultivating self-compassion and reconnecting to your body's natural intelligence through nervous system support.


I also offer tailored mindfulness programs for beginners, featuring practices specifically designed to nourish and enhance your daily life.

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Mindfulness-Based Coaching

Come back to Life

Depending on your needs and intentions, I can guide you to:-


  • Cultivate mind-body connection, promoting overall wellbeing.

  • Manage stress & improve emotional health through learning skills that support a flexible & responsive nervous system.

  • Increase self-acceptance & self-compassion.

  • Cultivate inner resources that enable you to navigate challenges with greater ease & adaptability.

  • Improve relationships as you gain a deeper understanding of yourself & others.

  • Enhance creativity by creating a more spacious, connected perspective.

  • Develop a richer connection with nature through mindfulness-based practices.

  • Connect more deeply with the world around you & gain courage & clarity on how to contribute to collective change.

  • Gain a more expansive perspective & a sense of meaning by connecting with something greater (whatever that means to you).

  • Live a fulfilling, authentic & joy-filled life.

Who do I work with? 

I support a wide range of clients who are keen to dive deeper into life.  My sessions may be particularly suitable for you if:-

  • You would like to cultivate a more compassionate & authentic connection with yourself & beyond.

  • You're a sensitive soul who is prone to stress, anxiety or overwhelm.

  • You're a warm-hearted human who cares deeply about the world & wants to feel empowered to contribute to collective change.

  • You're a stressed-out changemaker in need of nourishment.

Holistic Guidance 

I create a nurturing environment for your healing and growth. My sessions blend the power of mindfulness with transpersonal coaching - an approach that enriches relationships with ourselves, each other and beyond.


Together, we will embark on a process of exploration using short guided meditation practices, reflective dialogue, and somatic exploration. We will shift from an intellect-focused perspective on problems to a more embodied and expansive sense of self. Through befriending mind and body, you will begin to rediscover your natural inner wisdom, creativity and capacity for joy.

My Integrative Approach

My approach is deeper than the average coaching approach and is oriented more towards internal growth and wellbeing than external goals. It is also a down to earth, practical approach where you will learn to embody your insights to enhance your everyday life. 


While our sessions may be therapeutic in nature, they aren't psychotherapy. We focus on your experience in the present moment and explore tools to support you now and in the future, rather than discussing your past in detail  - although this may be relevant at times.

With over 1000 hours of training in coaching, somatic (body-based) support and counselling skills, I uphold high ethical standards and regularly engage in supervision to ensure the quality of our sessions.

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What to Expect

  • A Supportive Environment: I create a safe & nurturing space for you to connect more deeply with yourself. Compassion & non-judgemental listening are integral to my down-to-earth approach. I support you to embrace life with courage & kindness.

  • Mindfulness & Presence: Sessions enhance self-awareness, attention to the present moment & deep reflection.

  • Guided Meditation: A key element of my approach is to create space, ease & a new perspective with the use of simple guided Open Awareness practices.

  • Self-Discovery: Beyond achieving external success, we move towards wellbeing, authenticity, fulfilment & freedom.

  • Somatic (Body-Based) Approaches: I integrate somatic practices into my sessions. This may include breathwork, somatic enquiry, or other body-centred techniques.

  • Exploration of Beliefs and Values: We may explore your core beliefs & values. Understanding these aspects can bring clarity to your motivations & purpose so that you can move towards greater authenticity.

  • Connection with Nature: Engaging with nature has been widely recognized for its positive effects on overall wellbeing & can form part of your personal practice if you wish.

  • Spiritual Exploration: Depending on your preference, our sessions may (or may not!) involve a spiritual dimension. This isn't anything religious, but means exploring your unique sense of connection to something greater (whatever that means to you).

Curious?  Change starts with small steps...

I offer a free 20 minute no obligation discovery call if you are considering a coaching package.

"Amy has a very understanding nature and I was surprised how easy it was to confide in her about issues that were very deep rooted. I had total trust in Amy."

G.J ~ Online Client

"Amy created an environment where I felt supported and never judged. She was always enthusiastic and warm and made me excited to start my sessions. She has a very soothing voice and manner which allowed me to fall deeper into the meditative practices."

J.L ~ Online Client

"Amy made me feel so present in the moment. It was as if we were in a shared bubble of trust. Some of the meditation sessions felt almost magical. I was amazed by how much clarity they bought." 

Online Client

Mindfulness for Beginners

If you're new to mindfulness, learning on an individual basis means that each session can be crafted to support your unique needs so you can learn the most helpful practical skills for your particular life situation.


In our one-on-one sessions, we'll have ample time to get to know your needs & you will be given tailored practices to fit seamlessly with your lifestyle.  These sessions are not just about learning but also about experiencing mindfulness in a way that's meaningful for you - with plenty of time for guided practice & reflection.

Here's a glimpse of what our sessions might cover:

  • Basic mindfulness practices: Building a strong foundation.

  • Stress-reduction practices: Equipping you with tools to navigate life's challenges.

  • Self-compassion practices: Nurturing kindness towards yourself.

  • Somatic (body-based) practices: Connecting mindfulness with your physical being.

  • Mindful movement: Integrating mindfulness into motion.

  • Mindfulness tools for daily life: Making mindfulness a part of your routine.

  • Meditation support & guidance: Fostering a deeper practice.

  • Education about how mindfulness works: Understanding the evidence-based magic behind mindfulness.


I usually recommend a series of sessions, coupled with daily home practice, to unlock the full benefits of mindfulness. Your program will be exclusively designed to suit your needs. 

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Sessions take place from the comfort of your own home via Zoom. They are longer than the usual coaching session to allow ample time for the meditative practices that enable us to drop deeper. This can be transformative work with the potential to unfold over several sessions. 


I suggest a minimum of 4 sessions to enable to you feel the benefits of the coaching process. However, you're welcome to start with a single session to get a feel for my approach or if you are already familiar, a one off session can be an effective way of gaining clarity on a specific issue. 

The process can be extra effective if you commit to a personal practice between sessions. (We will design this together so that it fits with your existing commitments. It may include mindfulness meditation, nature time, journalling, or other activities that you find nourishing.)


I offer concessions for my regular students and for those with limited finances.

I offer a free 20 minute no obligation discovery call if you are interested in a package.

Single Session - 75 minutes


My spacious 75 minute sessions allow plenty of time for short guided practices & stillness as well as reflective dialogue. A single session may be suitable if you want to try my approach or if you have already completed a coaching package.

Block of 4 Sessions


  • 4 x 75 minute sessions

  • Access to Resource Sanctuary of guided practices to support you

  • Email support between sessions

  • 20 minute follow up call after 1 month of finishing block

3 Month All Inclusive Package


  • 6 x 75 minute coaching sessions (to be used within 12 weeks max)

  • Unlimited access to live online yoga & mindfulness classes for 12 weeks (approximately 24 classes worth £250)

  • Access to Resource Sanctuary of guided practices to support you

  • Email support between sessions

  • 20 minute follow up call 1 month after finishing block

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