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I offer individual guidance with a deeper, personalised focus on reducing stress, befriending body & mind, & reconnecting more deeply with yourself. I tailor programs to suit your needs -  including mindfulness practices designed to support & enhance your daily life.


I'm also training to mentor those wishing to take their practice further - exploring the potential for deeper connection, growth & transformation.


Individual Mindfulness Guidance

Learning mindfulness on an individual basis means that the sessions can be tailored to suit your personal needs so you can learn the most valuable skills to support you with your particular life situation.


The one-to-one environment enables ample time to get to know your needs & you will be given tailored practices to fit with your lifestyle. There is also plenty of time within sessions for guided practice & for reflection on the effect of each practice - a key part of mindfulness.

I have an integrative approach as I am also trained in somatic (body-based) support & counselling skills which enables me to hold you in compassionate space. However, while sessions may be therapeutic in nature, it's important to note that they are not therapy in a traditional sense. We focus on your experience in the present moment & exploring tools to support you now & in the future, rather than discussing your past (except where relevant).

Sessions may include:-

*Basic mindfulness practices

*Stress-reduction practices

*Self-compassion practices

*Somatic (body-based) practices

*Mindful movement

*Mindful inquiry into specific issues

*Mindfulness tools to support your daily life

*Meditation support & guidance


I suggest 4 - 6 sessions (with daily home practice) to enable to you feel the full benefits of mindfulness, & I will design your programme to suit your needs. I also offer 90 minute sessions to introduce you to the basics of mindfulness. Please contact me for packages & prices - I offer a free 20 minute discovery call for those considering a package of sessions.

I also offer mindfulness courses on a small group basis. Contact me to find out more.

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Individual Yoga Guidance

Reduce stress & find balance with a mindful yoga practice designed just for you. Traditionally, yoga is taught in a one-to-one setting so that the practice can be adapted to suit the individual needs of the student. I can work with you to design a daily practice that will deepen your yoga experience; whether you would like to work on a specific area or explore something you find challenging in class. I specialise in stress-reduction & calming the nervous system so that we can return to our natural state of balance. Beginners are welcome. I use a wide range of yoga, mindfulness & somatic techniques that can be adapted to help you improve your wellbeing. 


If you have a small group of friends who would like to learn yoga together, I offer small group classes. (Sessions can be online or you will need to have a suitable space).

"Amy was brilliant from the start.  I was feeling quite anxious about it but she put me at ease straight away and was very reassuring. The 1:1 session has been a great way to kick start my interest in mindfulness and I will now be following it up further."

S.S, Guildford

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