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"Thank you for providing such a wonderful space of calm and stillness."

Melinda - Online Student


"This class really improved my emotional, mental, physical, & spiritual well-being.  Amy is an excellent teacher & she is always making sure that we are well cared for, adapting to different levels & correcting our postures so we can receive all the benefits from our yoga practice."


A.F, Guildford


"I just wanted to thank you for being an amazing teacher & for introducing me to yoga.  Before starting your course I thought yoga wasn’t for me because I was far from a flexible person, but your approach & your kindness made me change my mind.
I have enjoyed these years of classes very much, & I will definitely miss it, especially your calming voice."

B.C, Guildford


"The classes are calm & uplifting. Amy is constantly aware of the specific needs of each individual in the class. She also encourages everyone to become aware of the needs of their own bodies & tailor their practice accordingly, making it as gentle or as challenging as they need. Highly recommended."


H.G, Guildford

"Thank you so much for your time & care!  I have learned a lot in your classes & I am in a better place mentally & physically.  You are a fantastic teacher & it is so obvious that you enjoy what you do & that you genuinely care about your students."

G.M, Guildford


"Having done yoga for many years I thought I had all the postures sorted but coming to Amy's class was a real eye opener, She makes sure you practice correctly & safely & I really felt looked after. The classes are always relaxing & a joyous experience & Amy has such a beautiful way of teaching.  It's just a shame she left us & moved back to the UK!" 


L.H, Sydney



“I love Amy's yoga classes because I get the chance to relax at the end of the day & at same time to refill my energy to help me to face the rest of the week.  Definitely, one of my favourite times of the week - a full hour of calm with the extra bonus of improving my flexibility!”


J.A Guildford



"Amy's classes are the highlight of my busy day. As a beginner to yoga I find the classes really informative & inclusive.  Amy is a wonderful teacher, & I always finish the classes feeling invigorated & relaxed.


These classes are fantastic for all levels of yoga, & as a beginner I especially enjoy the focus on breath. Amy's approach is tailored to your ability & flexibility. I also enjoy Amy's nuggets of yogic wisdom that she shares with her class."


M.L, Sydney



"Amy's classes are just what I was looking for after moving to Guildford: an oasis in which, for an hour & a bit, there's only me, my body & my breath."


C.F, Guildford



"I enjoy Amy's gentle approach to individual members of the class & find the exercises are suitable for the level I can achieve. They stretch parts of my body I did not even know I have & also make me feel very relaxed. I am generally quite fit but feel that this yoga class slots well with my fitness regime."


J.B, Guildford  



"Amy's yoga classes are grounding & nurturing.  They allow space for you to let go of external stress & return fully back into your body.  Amy's practice focuses on breath & quieting your ego while inviting stillness into your heart. Every class brings me a beautiful sense of calm & clarity,  Amy provides a gentle & open environment where any level yogi feels welcome & wanting more.  A truly delicious experience."


S.B, Sydney

Meditation Hand Gesture
Amy McMillan
Child's Pose
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"I can't express how much Amy's expert tuition in both yoga and mindfulness has helped me over some years now.  With skillful guidance her sessions allow you to reconnect and just be."

Noreen, Guildford

"Amy has such a soothing voice and a compassionate manner that you instantly feel welcome and comfortable".

Sophie, Guildford

"I felt that Amy had a very open nature, very accepting responses, an infectious enthusiasm & a genuine energy.  I will definitely attend again & I want to come to yoga with Amy too!"


J.J, Guildford



"Just wanted to thank you again for the course.  You have such a calm manner about you & in the way that you teach - it was a pleasure doing it."

H.M, Guildford

"Just wanted to thank you for a brilliant mindfulness workshop this afternoon!  My sister and I thoroughly enjoyed it."

Carolyn, Guildford

"A really lovely opportunity to stop & take time out from usual Saturday activities & learn why mindfulness is so helpful & beneficial for wellbeing.  Thank you!"

A.P, Guildford

"Amy delivered a really informative, relevant and relaxing mindfulness session. I found it deeply calming and rejuvenating. I would love to do more mindfulness with Amy."


L.B, Esher 

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