"Be easy, take your time, you are coming home to yourself."

 Nayyirah Waheed


Welcome! I'm Amy, an experienced teacher of mindfulness & yoga in Surrey & online.  My small, inclusive classes, workshops & private sessions will help you to reduce stress, boost resilience & restore your natural vitality. 

Now, more than ever, we need to look after our wellbeing.  I create safe, nurturing spaces where you can experience the transformative benefits of mindfulness & yoga.  Whether you're a beginner or hoping to deepen your existing practice, my classes offer a welcoming community where you can connect with kindness to yourself & create space for greater self-awareness, purpose & joy.


Contact me if you'd like to find out more.

Potential Benefits


Mindfulness & yoga are not a quick fix, but regular practice has the potential to transform our wellbeing in many ways.  These include:-

* Reduced stress & anxiety

* Improved vitality

* Improved resilience & coping skills

* Better sleep

* Improved self-awareness, self compassion & self-acceptance

* Enhanced clarity, better memory & concentration

* Improved communication & relationships


Try a Class for £5 in January & February 2021

"Before starting your class I thought yoga wasn’t for me because I was far from a flexible person, but your approach & your kindness made me change my mind.  I have enjoyed these years of classes very much, & I will definitely miss it, especially your calming voice."

Beatrice, Guildford

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Amy McMillan


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