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Amy McMillan

"Be easy, take your time, you are coming home to yourself."

 Nayyirah Waheed

Welcome. I'm Amy, an experienced teacher of yoga & mindfulness. These powerful practices can help you to reduce stress, build resilience & find more balance in your life. For those committed to going deeper, we create space for greater self-awareness, clarity & joy.

I combine yoga & mindfulness to create a nurturing space that enables you to experience greater wellbeing in mind & body. I have a gentle, light-hearted teaching style & I work with small groups to ensure individual support. I have a special interest in helping people with stress & anxiety return to their natural state of balance.  I also have a deep love of nature & enjoy guiding others to reconnect with the natural world.

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Mindful Yoga
Classes are deeply relaxing, mindful & breath-focused. They gently create space & strength in body & mind, enabling us to reconnect with our natural sense of peace. They are ideal for stress-relief. 
Classes combine flowing sequences with static postures. We focus on mindfully connecting with the breath while improving body awareness. We finish with restorative stretching & a calming guided relaxation.  
Everyone is welcome & you do not have to be fit, bendy or strong to join a class.
Modern yoga is sometimes taught as just an exercise class, or a way of bypassing and avoiding difficult thoughts & feelings. The mindfulness element in my classes encourages us to be open to all aspects of life with kindness & curiosity, rather than searching to fix or distract ourselves.
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I run highly practical mindfulness workshops designed to introduce newcomers to mindfulness & to help experienced practitioners refresh & deepen their practice. 

Mindfulness means paying attention to thoughts, feelings & sensations in the present moment with curiosity & kindness. It sounds simple but regular practice is needed. We gradually retrain ourselves to experience the present moment more fully, instead of being caught up in our busy minds. Regular practice of mindfulness is proven to create long-term improvements in mood, resilience & life satisfaction.  

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"I just wanted to thank you for being an amazing teacher & for introducing me to yoga.  Before starting your course I thought yoga wasn’t for me because I was far from a flexible person, but your approach & your kindness made me change my mind.
I have enjoyed these years of classes very much, & I will definitely miss it, especially your calming voice."

Beatrice, Guildford

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Mindful Self Care Workshop - Sat 14th March 2020


This workshop focuses on mindful self-care with an emphasis on developing kindness & compassion towards ourselves.  It takes place at the beautiful Willow Sanctuary, Guildford.

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